Hedge Fund Start Up Solutions

Each of the offshore platforms is structured as a segregated account/portfolio. This means that the asset and liabilities of each Sub-Fund are segregated or “ring-fenced” from those of the other Sub-Funds on the Platform and avoid any cross-collateral risk. Each Sub-Fund will operate independently and the manager of the Sub-Fund will be able to establish its own track record.

The Sub-funds on the Platforms are managed by EAM and administered by Apex Fund Services. We are seeing a continually growing demand for our fund solutions for the small to medium managers, giving our managers greater scope to the investors, capital and track record. Currently we have more than sixty managers on our platform.

EAM has established relationships with globally recognized and respected service providers, including prime brokers, custodians, auditors and legal counsel.

The key benefits of the Platforms for emerging managers are:

1. Cost effective

The Platforms offer a cost-effective solution for emerging managers who require back office, fund administration, legal and accounting support.

2. Time-efficient

We provide the legal structure and documentation required to launch a sub-fund quickly. Time to launch can be within 4 weeks.

3. No additional regulatory requirements

The Platforms are already authorised as mutual funds and segregated account/ portfolio companies in Bermuda and Cayman Islands and there are no significant additional licensing requirements in those jurisdictions to be obtained prior to sub-fund launch.

4. Access to experienced service providers and professional advisers

Our partners are best of practice providers and we have secured excellent terms with them.